Ginghamalong Shirt Dress

About a month ago Karen from Did You Make That posted a Ginghamalong challenge which was the push I needed to go ahead and attempt to replicate a dress I’d pinned to my DIY Inspiration Pinterest board:

So it was off to my local Spotlight to see what I could find. I picked up the Butterick B6333 pattern and used a 50% off voucher for 3 metres of black and white gingham. Score🙂

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Pokémon GO Book Tag


I heard about the Pokémon GO Book Tag from Booktuber SuperSpaceChick and it seemed too perfect for me to resist!
I first got into Pokémon when I was about 12; my younger brother let me play his Blue Version and I was a fan from the get go. I’ve owned every release since and especially liked the not as popular Pokémon Snap😛
I even tried to get into the beta testing of Pokémon GO!

Just like I can’t quite complete my Pokédex (stuck at 90) there are a few more prompts I didn’t answer, so be sure to check out the original posts🙂

Thank you so much to Read At Midnight for these graphics.


I’ve got a couple of standouts for this one. One of my earliest memories from school days is going to the library at lunch to read Grug. But the book I remember specifically starting my love of reading is The Faraway Tree series. I lost my childhood edition so picked up a reprint from Kmart and the illustrations were so offputting I couldn’t get through the reread😦
I also got into Goosebumps in primary school and have been trying to collect all 62 of the original books.

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Final Page Flipped: Railhead

Recently I requested and was delighted to receive Railhead by Philip Reeve via NetGalley.
On Goodreads I gave Railhead 4/5 stars, but honestly, it’s more like 4.5/5🙂

Railhead follows Zen Starling, a street rat thief from a cyberpunk future where galaxies are interconnected by sentient trains travelling the Great Network. Following a petty theft, Zen is tracked down by android Nova and recruited by the aloof Raven for a high profile heist. Zen accepts, eager at the chance to see more of the galaxy, plus the substantial monetary reward will help to support his unstable mother and hard working sister.

By the end of this book I was so enthralled and absolutely loved the story. I quickly Googled to be sure there’ll be a second book (maybe even three!).
But the beginning just didn’t grip me, and I was deliberating whether I even wanted to continue. I can’t say at which point that changed, but I’m so glad kept reading, because I really enjoyed it.

One of the aspects I really enjoyed is that houses are living plants grown from customised seeds, with the furniture and windows all part of the plant. Oh and of course the trains! Their being sentient was such a fun element (and quite sad at times) and I get the feeling their quirky names are an author in joke; Gentlemen Take Polaroids, Thought Fox, Time of Gifts.

Verdict: I’ll definitely be buying a copy of this for re reads and so I can lend it to my friends. I’m very excited for the sequel too😀

Next on the read list: My TBR pile is getting huge and I don’t want to start a new series until I can read Glass Sword which I promised myself I wouldn’t buy until I’d reduced the TBR pile (booknerd problems, am I right?). So I picked Lifesaving for Beginners by Ciara Geraghty.


Hero for a day: Captain America gathered skirt

Hi there🙂

Captain America: Civil War was released this week and as the Cap is my favourite superhero Avenger, I wanted to make something special to wear to the screening.

And I did:

img_20160429_160722.jpg20160425_165833editTeam Rogers tee is from Qwertee

Gathered skirts are my favourite (and in my opinion easiest) to make.
I took loads of photos during the process so I could put together a tutorial for anyone wanting to try their hand at one.

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Final Page Flipped: Out of the Ice

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I recently found out about NetGalley through another Sara’s blog, and signed up as a member for the chance to read and review yet to be published books. I was pleasantly surprised when I was approved to read Out of the Ice by Ann Turner.
Over on Goodreads I gave this book the 2 star rating of ‘it was okay’ which pretty much sums it up.

Out of the Ice is a thriller set in Antarctica, in which Australian environmental scientist Laura Alvarado is sent to investigate an abandoned whaling station, where she discovers strange occurrences and is afraid she might be losing her mind.

The book paints vivid imagery of Antarctica, especially the colourful village at the whaling station. Parts of this book were so descriptive I wondered if it was based on an actual place; if so, I hope when the book is released it includes a photo. There was one description I just could not envision though, which was used to describe a building: like a giant insect giving birth. Yeah, just try picture that one lol
I found it hard to connect with Laura; the book starts with a long, almost autobiographical introduction which rather than drawing me into the character actually made me feel disconnected. Nearing the end of the book Laura repeatedly attempts to seduce one of the male scientists which I found extremely off-putting and frankly out of character.
I’ll admit the book did keep me interested as to what was really going on at the whaling station, and I wasn’t even close to guessing the outcome, perhaps because it was so incredibly far-fetched. Personally I’m not a fan of loose ends being perfectly tied up, especially with thrillers, and that’s what I got with Out of the Ice.

Verdict: This one just didn’t hit the mark with me, but I can see it is being enjoyed by others on Goodreads.

Next on the read list: American Gods by Neil Gaiman



Final Page Flipped: Grave Surprise

This week I’m reviewing Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris. I picked this one up in Booktopia’s Boxing Day sale, pretty sure it was under $5. I chose it because I really liked the Sookie Stackhouse series, although I’m yet to finish those; the cover changed towards the end of the series and I was disappointed they wouldn’t all match haha priorities!

Grave Surprise is the first person narrative of Harper Connelly, who after being stuck by lightning has the ability to ‘read’ dead bodies; she can pick up their names and experience their emotions as she relives their final living moments.
This unique skill opened a career in finding missing persons believed to be deceased. Her step brother Tolliver acts as her agent as they travel around collecting fee for service.

When I updated my Goodreads I discovered this is book 2 in the series, but it didn’t feel like I’d missed anything. This book centres around Harper discovering the body of an 11 year old girl she had been unable to find 18 months earlier. She and Tolliver suspect they’ve been set up, and the novel continues as a murder mystery.

Sadly I didn’t enjoy this one, there was just too much that I disliked.
Early in I wondered if this might be Harris’ first series, as I felt a lot of the sentences were structured poorly, and I had to reread them to properly follow what was going on. But it turns out this was published in 2008.
The main thing that bothered me was the step sibling relationship. I have 3 younger brothers, and we’ve been close all our lives, yet none of them are anywhere near as affectionate as Tolliver is towards Harper. It wasn’t a surprise at all when Harper realises she is in love with him, and the way she handled it just made me feel weird. I just didn’t gel with Harper’s character at all, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how her name is essentially Harper Collins, the publishing company lol

Verdict: Would not recommend. The only reason I read to the end was so I could count it towards my goal of reading 30 books this year.

Next on the read list: Out of the Ice by Ann Turner