Sewing Works in Progress

I’m lucky enough to have a room at home where I can do all my sewing. I don’t like to call it my “sewing room” because it implies I get a second room in the house all to myself, which would be entirely unfair 😛

Said room is filled with all my sewing works in progress; most are just fabric with big dreams of what they’re going to grow up to be. Some are a little further along than just dreams, and I’ve got one of those to share with you today.


About a year ago I picked up the end of roll of this cutie seagull print and had a go at making a gathered skirt using this tutorial.
I think I had a little under 2 metres of fabric to work with and I cut the skirt a little short, then tried to make up for it with a huge waistband. I never ended up wearing it because it wasn’t quite right, and because I had placed the pockets much too far down the skirt.

It looks like I’m balancing on one leg here, like an actual seagull. Unintentional 😛

Over the weekend I had the inexplicable urge to try and salvage this skirt, seeing as I did have a little fabric left to turn it into a dress.
I’ve unpicked all the pieces, cut out the really ridiculously low pockets, and turned the skirt into this:


I moved the huge waistband to the bottom for a feature hem.
I plan on gathering the skirt and attaching it to this sweetheart bodice I just kind of fumbled together:


Sorry there’s no tutorial for this. I didn’t really know how far I was going to be able to go with it. Hopefully I have a finished project to share soon 🙂

What ideas have grabbed you lately and refused to let go?


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