Sewing a dirndl for Schützenfest: Part One

Hello again! I’ve got another sewing project to share with you 🙂
This time I’ll be blogging the whole process so you can follow along too 🙂

Schützenfest is a German festival held in Adelaide every January, and one of my favourite local events. It’s such a fun atmosphere to hang out and enjoy drinking cider and eating delicious kranskies 😀
I’ve been just about every year since turning 18, but last year was the first year I wore something a little dressed up:

Appropriately dressed and off to Schutzenfest 🍻

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While we were there I took special notice of all the girls (and guys) dressed traditionally and told myself that next this year I’d really make an effort!

As always, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. I decided it wouldn’t be too hard to make a very basic dirndl and apron for myself, drawing inspiration from these:

After a long visit at Spotlight picking over the bargain bin, I came home with this fabric (at the bargain price of $3 a metre) for the dress:



It’s blue like my inspo pics and it seemed folksy to me 😛

Annika Victoria makes super helpful sewing tutorials and I already had a pattern piece from her Skater Dress tutorial to use for my dirndl bodice. The shape would be the same but instead of a zip at the back, I’ll do a zip at the front which will get covered with the lace up detail.


I made the pattern piece about a year ago, so I updated my measurements and set to work cutting out pieces as detailed in her video.


One cut on the fold for the back piece, then another two for the front pieces.

Once I had my pieces cut out I did a quick basting stitch on the seams so I could try it on for size.


Oh dear. Oh very dear!

The front doesn’t join together! D:
Reviewing my measurements I realised I hadn’t added the +2 inches to my waist measurement. D’oh.
Luckily I bought 3 metres of the fabric so I cut another two front pieces with the allowance.


This time when I tried it on the middle actually did up!



That’s my progress so far. There’s only two weeks until Schützenfest so it’s a tight schedule! Next up I’ll get the bodice lined and then start work on the skirt. I’ll bring more progress posts as I go. Wish me luck!


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