Sewing a dirndl for Schützenfest: Part Two

Hello again 🙂

So Schützenfest is tomorrow and I only have one finishing touch to add to my dress. I’m really pleased with how well it turned out and can’t wait to get some photos of the whole outfit tomorrow 😀

Last I left you I had just fixed up my pattern cutting mistake and had the shell of the top of the dress. I’m using an off white cotton for my lining, and cut out the same pattern pieces as the pretty blue ones (the adjusted pattern that fit :P)



With all the seams pressed out, I sewed the lining to the fashion fabric, right sides together.


That left me with the two pieces joined nicely around the top edges, but the outside armholes and centre join were left exposed.


I cut a strip of the fashion fabric to use as a kind of bias binding and attached that to finish the arm holes, using a tutorial I found on Pinterest.


With the armholes finished the top was essentially done. I quickly whipped up a gathered skirt and lining and attached it to the top.
(I plan on doing a detailed gathered skirt tutorial soon, using this cute Alice fabric :D)

I made a cut down the centre of the skirt to line up with the centre opening of the top.

20160123_104045_rszOoh! It’s resembling a dress!

This big opening was finished with a blue zip that will be hidden by the lacing and apron.

Unfortunately my local Spotlight didn’t stock any supplies for creating the lace up front. I found plenty of gorgeous dirndl hooks on Etsy, but a set was going to cost me more than the rest of the dress supplies 😦

Again I turned to Pinterst for inspiration and found that I could use buttons to lace the front:

I spent a good 20 minutes picking out buttons but am very pleased with these folksy hearts:


This photo got quite a few likes on instagram, so I feel the consensus is I made a good choice with the buttons 😀

I’ll leave the apron for my next post as this one is getting quite lengthy. Also I need to glue some fake hair extensions into a milkmaid headband tonight haha

If you pop over to my instagram tomorrow I’m sure there’ll be photos of the whole outfit together 🙂 I’ll be wearing it on the train ride into the city, so that should prove entertaining.


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