Sewing a dirndl for Schützenfest: Part Three (Complete)

Well here we are again, the last part of my handmade dirndl 🙂
It turned out SO well! and I got so many compliments, especially from the older German ladies.
I guess I’d better start with some completed photos 🙂

It was such a rainy day for the event 😦 so my photos are a little rushed as we only had brief intermissions from the rain.


Here I am waiting for the train, stein in hand all set to go!

The shirt I wore underneath was an eBay buy, way easier than trying to figure out a pattern for myself.
I sewed the green ribbon trim the morning of Schützenfest and forgot to take any photos (oops). I followed a video tutorial that was in German, so it’s super authentic! haha

The apron is the last part left to blog about. It was quite a simple construction really, I just eyeballed the size and sewed on some fancy trim:


The apron ties are meant to be crossed at the back and tied at the front. During my Pinterest inspiration phase I found out the position of the ties indicate the ‘status’ of the wearer; single, taken, virgin or widow. I made sure to tie mine on the right 🙂

The apron ties were actually such a pain to make. I didn’t know how long to make them so I ended up with about four one metre strips to turn inside out. Once I had them attached to the apron they were almost touching the ground! So I trimmed them down.

And that’s it!
Here’s a few more happy snaps from the night.



Mmmm kransky and cider!



My boyfriend even got me a heart cookie!

It was a great night despite the rain, and all the effort I put into my outfit was well worth all the compliments I got 🙂

Until next time!


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