Final Page Flipped: Out of the Ice

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I recently found out about NetGalley through another Sara’s blog, and signed up as a member for the chance to read and review yet to be published books. I was pleasantly surprised when I was approved to read Out of the Ice by Ann Turner.
Over on Goodreads I gave this book the 2 star rating of ‘it was okay’ which pretty much sums it up.

Out of the Ice is a thriller set in Antarctica, in which Australian environmental scientist Laura Alvarado is sent to investigate an abandoned whaling station, where she discovers strange occurrences and is afraid she might be losing her mind.

The book paints vivid imagery of Antarctica, especially the colourful village at the whaling station. Parts of this book were so descriptive I wondered if it was based on an actual place; if so, I hope when the book is released it includes a photo. There was one description I just could not envision though, which was used to describe a building: like a giant insect giving birth. Yeah, just try picture that one lol
I found it hard to connect with Laura; the book starts with a long, almost autobiographical introduction which rather than drawing me into the character actually made me feel disconnected. Nearing the end of the book Laura repeatedly attempts to seduce one of the male scientists which I found extremely off-putting and frankly out of character.
I’ll admit the book did keep me interested as to what was really going on at the whaling station, and I wasn’t even close to guessing the outcome, perhaps because it was so incredibly far-fetched. Personally I’m not a fan of loose ends being perfectly tied up, especially with thrillers, and that’s what I got with Out of the Ice.

Verdict: This one just didn’t hit the mark with me, but I can see it is being enjoyed by others on Goodreads.

Next on the read list: American Gods by Neil Gaiman




2 thoughts on “Final Page Flipped: Out of the Ice

  1. Thanks for linking to me! I’m glad you like NetGalley! I’ve discovered a lot of great books through the website. I remember reading American Gods years ago. It’s a big book and took me a while to get into it, but it’s a very interesting book!


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