Final Page Flipped: Railhead

Recently I requested and was delighted to receive Railhead by Philip Reeve via NetGalley.
On Goodreads I gave Railhead 4/5 stars, but honestly, it’s more like 4.5/5 🙂

Railhead follows Zen Starling, a street rat thief from a cyberpunk future where galaxies are interconnected by sentient trains travelling the Great Network. Following a petty theft, Zen is tracked down by android Nova and recruited by the aloof Raven for a high profile heist. Zen accepts, eager at the chance to see more of the galaxy, plus the substantial monetary reward will help to support his unstable mother and hard working sister.

By the end of this book I was so enthralled and absolutely loved the story. I quickly Googled to be sure there’ll be a second book (maybe even three!).
But the beginning just didn’t grip me, and I was deliberating whether I even wanted to continue. I can’t say at which point that changed, but I’m so glad kept reading, because I really enjoyed it.

One of the aspects I really enjoyed is that houses are living plants grown from customised seeds, with the furniture and windows all part of the plant. Oh and of course the trains! Their being sentient was such a fun element (and quite sad at times) and I get the feeling their quirky names are an author in joke; Gentlemen Take Polaroids, Thought Fox, Time of Gifts.

Verdict: I’ll definitely be buying a copy of this for re reads and so I can lend it to my friends. I’m very excited for the sequel too 😀

Next on the read list: My TBR pile is getting huge and I don’t want to start a new series until I can read Glass Sword which I promised myself I wouldn’t buy until I’d reduced the TBR pile (booknerd problems, am I right?). So I picked Lifesaving for Beginners by Ciara Geraghty.



4 thoughts on “Final Page Flipped: Railhead

    1. I think NetGalley is a wonderful service but I don’t request that often because a) I’m worried I’ll have too much to read and won’t be able to review it by the archive date and b) I’m afraid of rejection lol


      1. I don’t think anything happens, just that the publisher won’t get the feedback before the book is released. So no need to worry 🙂


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