Recent Makes

Oh hi there 🙂

I’ve made myself quite a few pretty things recently but hadn’t gotten around to taking blog photos so figured I’d do them all at once 😛

First up is probably my favourite. I’d been saving the material until my skills were a little better (I used it for my blog header) and felt like it was time to have a go with it.


I made this one as a birthday dress and wore it to see Through the Looking Glass in May. It’s another Simplicity 1419 but this time with the Peter Pan collar.


I’ve discovered that interfacings are the worst 😦 this one keeps flipping over through the keyhole. I think next time I make this pattern I’m going to have a go at an all in one interfacing.

I didn’t feel like taking a gamble with trying an invisible zip for this one, and I think my usual zip turned out *okay* but it’s not very neat at the top.


I probably should have had a go at pattern matching, but it’s a skill I haven’t learned yet.

Next up is the Simplicity 2444 using some nautical fabric from my stash.


I couldn’t decide which way was up with this fabric as it’s all multi-directional, but now that it’s finished I think I picked wrong :/


I adore the cape collar! It’s just wide enough to make a capped sleeve effect; which should help me with sunburn in the Summer.

I made some alterations to the pattern. I swapped out the absurdly fabric hungry A-line skirt for a simple gathered one. I also fully lined the bodice in the same blue as the collar, rather than have another unsatisfactory interfacing. For the collar itself, I made it as I would with a Peter Pan collar by joining two mirror pieces, rather than hemming the bottom edge as the pattern instructs.


I think I did well with my first ever invisible zip 🙂
The top is not very neat again though, I’ll need more practice!

Lastly is a simple gathered skirt in this world cities print.


I am properly obsessed with New York and am dying to visit, so anything with the Empire State building on it is an easy sell 🙂
As you can see from the print in my sewing space.


So that’s what I’ve been up to 🙂
My fabric stash hasn’t gotten any smaller though 😛
I’ve been quite busy this month with a marathon Harry Potter reread, in preparation for the Cursed Child being released on the 31st 😀
My To Be Read pile is now taking up an entire shelf on my bookshelf so I’ll put up reviews when I get around to those.

Until then!



9 thoughts on “Recent Makes

      1. Do you find hit or miss sometimes? I’ve ordered “denim” twice now and I don’t know if someone is drinking on the job but what arrives is so not denim


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