Ginghamalong Shirt Dress

About a month ago Karen from Did You Make That posted a Ginghamalong challenge which was the push I needed to go ahead and attempt to replicate a dress I’d pinned to my DIY Inspiration Pinterest board:

So it was off to my local Spotlight to see what I could find. I picked up the Butterick B6333 pattern and used a 50% off voucher for 3 metres of black and white gingham. Score 🙂

Here it is on its maiden outing to the Show last week:


The square on my fabric isn’t as large as my inspiration dress but other than that I think I did pretty damn well 😛
Especially considering this is the third ever pattern I’ve used.
On that note, I did run into some issues..

In a total rookie error I not only purchased the pattern in the size that matches my dress size instead of my matching my measurements, but I didn’t realise my mistake until I’d neatly cut out all the pieces in size 14. D’oh. I already decided on being all professional like and making a muslin of the bodice first so I was able to play around add a little extra room to the front sides. A close save really. Or perhaps an indication I’m becoming more skilled? haha yeah let’s go with that 😛


I was not at all skilled at putting in the collar, though. The instructions had me all mixed up and I pinned it, decided it was wrong, pinned it differently, decided that too was wrong, and on and on until I finally decided I had it right.


I don’t like the height of the collar; it’s too much of a man’s shirt collar for my liking.

The print matches well across the front bodice and skirt but really nowhere else. I am completely clueless when it comes to pattern matching!

And it would seem I have an aversion to using the skirt pattern designed for the dress. For my recent sailor dress I skipped the skirt pattern in favour of a simple gathered one. This time I didn’t like the line drawing of the skirt so I switched it out for the skirt pattern from Simplicity 1419. Coincidentally the pleats actually matched the bodice seams pretty well!


With all the alterations I did I don’t think I’ll be making this pattern again but I would love to make more shirt dresses.. let me know in the comments if you have a shirt dress pattern that you love ♡

After wearing it out and due to my love of waist belts, I’m going to add belt loops at the side. And if I have enough material left I think I’ll even make a skinny drawstring belt like my inspiration dress 🙂


I’m excited to see everyones makes from the Ginghamalong! And hopefully add some new shirt dress patterns to my list 😛


10 thoughts on “Ginghamalong Shirt Dress

  1. Hello! I found your blog through the Ginghamalong. This is such a lovely dress! If you’ve altered the pattern pieces as you were fitting this dress, I think it would be worth giving a try again. In the photos, the fit looks pretty great. Frankly, you look stunning in this dress!

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  2. A great dress. My understanding is that shirt dresses are sometimes the most dreaded projects for someone to tackle because of all of the fitting and sewing skills needed. Tackling one as your third project and altering it to fit and changing the skirt is awesome.

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