All The Short Ones Readathon

There is something absolutely shocking in my living room right now.. The shelves of my beloved bookcases are completely bare! In preparation for our upcoming house move my precious books have all been boxed up to keep them safe and sound. But as my TBR pile is becoming embarrassingly large I put them aside separately in an attempt to force myself to get some of them read. Casey from adoptabookaus introduced me to a fun readathon for March to try and conquer that monstrous TBR, All The Short Ones Readathon. The goal is to read books under 300 pages during March. From my TBR box, 10 are under 300 pages. I would feel SO accomplished reading 10 books in March but that’s probably a bit of a stretch. I’ll list them all anyway just in case it motivates me to be a high achiever 🙂

Here they are in no particular order. Click the image to be taken to Goodreads 😉


Am I the only one who has entirely too much fun choosing the correct cover on Goodreads? 😛

So that’s my pledge for the readathon. Let me know if you recommend any in the list; they’re all new to me!


10 thoughts on “All The Short Ones Readathon

  1. yay for joining! I hope we both love the chimes and Warm Bodies is one of my faves I love R’s voice even if it is a bit Gorey XD I mean there Zombies of course there’s going to be gore bahahaha

    Hope your move goes smoothly and all your books stay safe and sound, good luck on the readathon!

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