Ginghamalong Shirt Dress

About a month ago Karen from Did You Make That posted a Ginghamalong challenge which was the push I needed to go ahead and attempt to replicate a dress I’d pinned to my DIY Inspiration Pinterest board:

So it was off to my local Spotlight to see what I could find. I picked up the Butterick B6333 pattern and used a 50% off voucher for 3 metres of black and white gingham. Score 🙂

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Recent Makes

Oh hi there 🙂

I’ve made myself quite a few pretty things recently but hadn’t gotten around to taking blog photos so figured I’d do them all at once 😛

First up is probably my favourite. I’d been saving the material until my skills were a little better (I used it for my blog header) and felt like it was time to have a go with it.


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Hero for a day: Captain America gathered skirt

Hi there 🙂

Captain America: Civil War was released this week and as the Cap is my favourite superhero Avenger, I wanted to make something special to wear to the screening.

And I did:

img_20160429_160722.jpg20160425_165833editTeam Rogers tee is from Qwertee

Gathered skirts are my favourite (and in my opinion easiest) to make.
I took loads of photos during the process so I could put together a tutorial for anyone wanting to try their hand at one.

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Sewing a dirndl for Schützenfest: Part Three (Complete)

Well here we are again, the last part of my handmade dirndl 🙂
It turned out SO well! and I got so many compliments, especially from the older German ladies.
I guess I’d better start with some completed photos 🙂

It was such a rainy day for the event 😦 so my photos are a little rushed as we only had brief intermissions from the rain.


Here I am waiting for the train, stein in hand all set to go!

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Sewing a dirndl for Schützenfest: Part Two

Hello again 🙂

So Schützenfest is tomorrow and I only have one finishing touch to add to my dress. I’m really pleased with how well it turned out and can’t wait to get some photos of the whole outfit tomorrow 😀

Last I left you I had just fixed up my pattern cutting mistake and had the shell of the top of the dress. I’m using an off white cotton for my lining, and cut out the same pattern pieces as the pretty blue ones (the adjusted pattern that fit :P)

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Facing Fears: Sewing Patterns Wishlist

I have a folder in my browser favourites titled ‘Sewing Patterns’. That’s not really enough to base a blog post around, but the fact is I’ve never used a sewing pattern.
Sure, I’ve made myself patterns to my own measurements but I’ve never opened an envelope covered in pretty illustrations, pulled out the fragile tissue paper inside and carefully made fabric copies which in turn became a pretty dress.

And it’s absolutely because I’m too scared I’ll mess it up.

Instead, when I’m browsing my favourite sewing blogs I take note of the patterns I especially like and save them to my growing wishlist, waiting for the day I’m brave enough to face my fear.

One such blogger, Lilli of Frocks & Frou Frou recently shared her gorgeous make of Hawthorn by Colette, aptly titled All Buttoned Up and I knew straight away this pattern was one for the wishlist.

Only I didn’t want this one to join that lonely browser folder and never become a pretty dress especially for me.

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