Pokémon GO Book Tag


I heard about the Pokémon GO Book Tag from Booktuber SuperSpaceChick and it seemed too perfect for me to resist!
I first got into Pokémon when I was about 12; my younger brother let me play his Blue Version and I was a fan from the get go. I’ve owned every release since and especially liked the not as popular Pokémon Snap 😛
I even tried to get into the beta testing of Pokémon GO!

Just like I can’t quite complete my Pokédex (stuck at 90) there are a few more prompts I didn’t answer, so be sure to check out the original posts 🙂

Thank you so much to Read At Midnight for these graphics.


I’ve got a couple of standouts for this one. One of my earliest memories from school days is going to the library at lunch to read Grug. But the book I remember specifically starting my love of reading is The Faraway Tree series. I lost my childhood edition so picked up a reprint from Kmart and the illustrations were so offputting I couldn’t get through the reread 😦
I also got into Goosebumps in primary school and have been trying to collect all 62 of the original books.

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Ahoy There

Hello and welcome to my blog 🙂

I’m starting up Luxonerd to share things in my life I think others may enjoy, such as sewing tutorials (to be honest it’s probably going to be mostly sewing), reviews of books, movies and games, and any other interesting things I want to document.

I really enjoy writing and hope that keeping a blog will help inspire me to write more fiction. And I hope it’ll be interesting for the small niche of nerdy aspiring seamsters too 🙂